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Couples Therapy

Working with couples I will help you to identify what triggers circular patterns of arguing, conflict and discontent, and learn new behaviors to change the patterns. I will help you recognize individual wounds and understand how they play out in the relationship. With awareness of each person's individual wounds comes the ability to take ownership and responsiblity for oneself, as well as grow a deeper, more compassionate and tolerant understanding of your partner, all of which are essential to a healthy couple dynamic.

With couples I emphasize the importance of compassionate listening, heartfelt understanding and responding respectfully to one another. These practices allow for releasing tension and bringing relationships towards a common ground. As each person develops the ability to understand their own needs and communicate clearly to their partner, stress is relieved from the relationship and intimacy and harmony grows. With courage, honesty, humility and commitment to the process, it is very possible to turn a troubled relationship into a healthy, happy and fulfilling relationship.

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